If you want to know any updates then scroll down below to the "UPDATE" section. 

The Timeline

7/1/15: Met with our fantastic OB/GYN for the "why in the hell am I not pregnant yet" consult. 

7/6/15-7/10/15: Provera 10mg to jump start a period. Provera was somewhat late to do the job.

7/24/15: Hormone Panel labs on CD3 (Cycle Day) which came back indicative of PCOS. 

8/3/15: Baseline ultrasound to see what was happening with my lady parts. PCOS confirmed. See that "string of pearls". Well, that is not supposed to be there. 

8/4/15-8/8/15: Provera 20mg to kick start another period. 

8/14/15-8/19/15: Clomid 150mg (to make a follicle mature) + Estrace 1mg (to thicken my uterine lining)

8/21/15: Ultrasound to see if the Clomid worked. Spoiler alert: it didn't. Clomid DID NOTHING.

The plan was to do a trigger shot if the Clomid worked but we never got to use this bad boy: 

8/23/15: Started Metformin 1500mg

8/24/15-8/28/15: Provera 20mg to start a period so we could proceed with round 2. However, Provera was a big fat failure and did not induce a period so my doctor ordered an ultrasound (9/15) to see what was happening. He determined one possibility was Clomid thinned my lining too much so I wouldn't have a period. We proceeded with round 2. 

9/16/15-9/20/15: Letrozole 5mg + Estrace 1mg + Progesterone. He consulted with our Reproductive Endocrinologist/Fertility Specialist and decided to use Letrozole instead of Clomid because of the higher success rate with PCOS gals. 

9/23/15: Ultrasound and Labs to see if the Letrozole worked. Spoiler alert: it didn't. Letrozole did absolutely nothing, just like Clomid. He wanted to repeat the ultrasound and labs again (on 9/25) but the results came back the same. Womp womp.  

9/25/15: Met with my doctor to see why none of this has worked. Basically I have too much testosterone in my body that is not giving the meds a chance to work. So, best course of action is to take this old school birth control for two months to lower my testosterone and reset my hypothalamus thus giving round 3 a really good chance of working. 

We said a temporary goodbye to all fertility meds and hello to Sprintec aka "devil pills". 

10/4/15: started Sprintec birth control. Hello 1974.

10/19/15: Husband went in for his semen analysis 

11/1/15: started last round of Sprintec birth control

11/4/15: Received a phone call from our doctor with the semen analysis results: not good. I won't go in to great detail but let's just say we now have male factor infertility added to our list. I hate everyone at this point.

11/21/15-11/28/15: Enjoy our vacation in Italy and try to forget about infertility as much as possible. 

11/30/15-12/4/15: Letrozole 5mg + Estrace 1mg. C'MOOOOOON Round 3!

12/7/15: Ultrasound to see if the letrozole worked and it didn't. What in the HELL?! To quote my doctor, "It looks like we haven't done anything!". Grr. My follicles look the exact same as they did in August before trying Clomid. WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG?!? 

We meet with our fertility specialist next week to more than likely start injectables. My body clearly does whatever it wants and does not respond to oral fertility meds. Injectables are the next step. Since my husband doesn't enjoy inflicting pain I will more than likely have to inject myself in the stomach. Totes fine with me. In the meantime, back on the devil birth control. 

Why do I call it devil birth control? The side effects. Dear God, the side effects. I've never thrown up so much in my life than I have the past two months I've taken it. Not to mention the side effects of provera, estrace, progesterone, clomid + letrozole. 


I'll keep this page updated as we continue down our infertility path. Stay tuned. 


12/18/15: Initial Consultation with our RE, Dr. Dunaway, at The Fertility Institute. I can't say enough positive things about our visit. We left with a game plan and a whole lot of optimism. 

12/22/15: Had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) that came back all clear. Read more about that lovely experience here. 

1/4/16: Ultrasound on CD3 that still showed polycystic ovaries which according to the nurse, is both a good and bad problem to have.  We shall proceed with Gonal-F, Cetrotide until the IUI. 

1/13/16: IUI #1; read more about it here. 

1/28/16: IVF consult with our RE. We are pulling out the big guns: IVF with ICSI that will hopefully begin in March. 

2/2/16: We both went in to give blood samples and sign consents for IVF wth ICSI. Our awesome nurse confirmed that we would definitely be starting in March. 

2/2/16: Started a different birth control pill that hasn't given me terrible side effects (yet).

2/16/16: Had a saline sonogram that came back great. No polyps or fibroids. 

2/23/16: Appointment for labs and ultrasounds which came back great! No cysts and my hormone levels were exactly where they needed to be. Started down regulating with Lupron injection tonight. 

3/3/16: IVF officially begins with the addition of two more injections, Menopur + Follistim. 

3/15/16: Egg retrieval! RE was able to get 10 eggs of which 8 were fertilized using ICSI.

3/22/16: FOUR frozen embryos and they are all ours. 

4/29/16: Happy Birthday to ME! Also the start of Lupron for our FET

5/2/16: Endometrial Scratch. Umm, that hurt. 

5/28/16: Frozen Embryo Transfer!!! We transferred two of those suckers.

6/7/16: Beta #1: 236

6/9/16: Beta #2: 511

6/16/16: First ultrasound showing one of our embryos decided to stick around

2/10/17: Estimated arrival of #lilvivi

2/6/17: It's a BOY!