First Impressions {with Ruby + Molly}

First Impressions {with Ruby + Molly}

The Hunch

Molly knew from the very beginning. Lord knows I was injecting myself full of hormones until the twelve week mark and apparently some dogs can sense those changes in their owners.  She started to act differently around that time. By different I mean she began peeing in the house. Daily. Some occasions it was multiple times a day. When we were gone. When we were home. It didn't matter. It wasn't caused by a medical condition either. It was 100% behavioral and the only change in the household was something was brewing in (my) utero. She eventually stopped after a few weeks and never once apologized. 

The only other explanation for her sudden urination is that at the time we had a rat who moved in without invite and she could have been covering up his smell. Yes, the rat was a boy and I named him Ralph. I know, gross. 

Ruby on the other hand remained oblivious to both my pregnancy and Ralph. Shocker. 

The Warm-Up

Towards the end of my pregnancy I began referring to the baby as "brother". I had a feeling it was a boy (even though I changed this guess every other day) and even if it turned out to be a girl, she would probably be nicknamed "brother". I wanted the dogs to have some association once we brought the bundle home and what better way than to start using a name---which we didn't have so "brother" would have to do. 

We also would play videos of babies screaming their heads off so the dogs could get a sense of what sounds were about to enter their world.

As time went on and cuddle room dwindled Molly seemed to be adjusting well.

Ruby cuddled ONCE and my heart almost exploded with joy. #rubyisajerk

The Introduction

This gave me anxiety. Not for reasons most of you are thinking but anxious about the logistics of how this was going to happen. Who was going to walk in first? Where would the dogs be? Was I going to see them sans baby initially? You get the idea.

I'll skip the play by play and go straight to the videos of Molly and Ruby meeting John Hayes. Just know that Ruby was SO excited to see me (I greeted them alone at first) that she jumped straight on my c-section incision. We did the whole dogs smelling his blanket, greeting Ryan and I first alone, meeting him one by one, etc. If you really want the details let me know and I'll give you our unprofessional tutorial. 

First up: Molly. 

As you can see, Molly isn't that impressed. Moving on to Ruby. 

Ruby was slightly overwhelmed but eventually came back for more. 

Then we have both Ruby and Molly come in together to see what this fussy baby is all about. 

Gosh y'all. I haven't watched these videos since we first took them over two months ago. All of us look so tired and scared and overwhelmed and excited. 

The Aftermath


How are they doing now? Great. They are kind of over it. Hours will go by before they come to check on us. They are used to his sounds and having to give up their space on the bed. He is used to them, too. Their barks don't phase him and he doesn't seem to mind it when they are jumping on the bed around him.

 I do think they miss me. I miss them, too if I am being honest. 

So many people said that my love for Ruby and Molly would change once the baby arrived and I am here to say that they were so very wrong. 

One Request

I'm not trying to be rude. I know it comes from a sincere place in your heart but please don't comment or send me articles or links that discuss dogs attacking babies or your concern for my baby's safety. 

Here's why:

Most of those articles you have read or stories you have heard of have left out crucial details of the story (ie: abused dog with little socialization or super poor parenting choices). 

I love my dogs so very much but I also am aware that they are dogs...with instincts. I would never forget that despite how affectionate they are and submissive they have been for the past seven years.

I have common sense. I don't use my dogs as babysitters. If I am taking a shower, I will make sure the dogs can't mingle with the baby. Give me some trust here, people. 

Like I said, I know your concerns are sincere but please keep the comments to yourself or in your prayers. I can't help but to feel a little insulted every time someone reminds me of how scared they are for John Hayes' safety around Ruby and Molly. I'm his mother---his safety is more of a priority of mine than it is yours, trust me.

Besides, I don't comment to you when I see you doing things that I feel are unsafe. So if you have concerns please redirect them elsewhere. 


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