Vivian In Vitro: Days 6-12

Vivian In Vitro: Days 6-12

Part 2: Days 6-12

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We're exhausted. 

Aside from nightly injections we had to drive to Metairie (an hour away) on both Saturday + Sunday. We had to go to that clinic location for labwork +  ultrasounds because they are open on the weekend. We had to be there at 8am. We had to do this when daylight savings kicked in. 

When you are going through IVF one thing you must do is remain flexible with your time. Over the past week my schedule looked like this:

Monday: labwork + ultrasound between 7:30am-9:00am

Wednesday: labwork + ultrasound between 7:30am-9:00am

Friday: labwork + ultrasound between 7:30m-9:00am

Saturday:  labwork + ultrasound at 8am in Metairie

Sunday:  labwork + ultrasound at 8am in Metairie

To make things somewhat more enjoyable we brought our two dogs along for the commute. We also ate delicious breakfast on both occasions + it was nice to spend time with my husband during all of this.  

The primary reason we had to go back on Sunday was that my estrogen level dropped from Friday to Saturday. One explanation they gave was the difference in the two machines but wanted to be safe (just in case). 

After we returned home on Sunday we got the call to trigger! What this means is no more Follistim + Menopur injections and we would only do the Lupron injection as well as Ovidrel HCG trigger shot to prepare for egg retrieval tomorrow (Tuesday)! 

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