Vivian In Vitro: Days 13-15

Vivian In Vitro: Days 13-15

Part 3: Days 13-15

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We did the Ovidrel HCG trigger shot on Sunday night and then ZERO shots on Monday. I felt like I was forgetting to do something the entire night because it was very weird to not have any medical responsibilities. 

We arrived at the clinic Tuesday morning bright and early at 7am. The prep work took longer than the actual surgery and my RE was able to get 10 eggs. TEN.  I had several more follicles that were cysts (empty without eggs) which is common in PCOS.  Click here if you would like more information on the egg retrieval process. 

I took it easy for the remainder of the day and made sure to drink my weight in liquids in order to keep hydrated. With IVF, especially before and after the egg retrieval, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Even when you feel beyond bloated and the thought of putting anything in your stomach makes you gag, you have to keep drinking. 

I've since developed five ulcers in my mouth from the acidity of Gatorade as well as cramps and soreness in my abdomen. IVF is not for the weak. 

We received a call from the clinic yesterday (Wednesday) to let us know that of the 10 eggs retrieved, eight were fertilized using ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Click here if you want more information on that! 

Before you go and think "Wow! She has 8 potential embryos/babies" let me clarify. Over the next few days the embryologist monitors the 8 potentials to see which ones keep growing. After five days of monitoring them, whichever ones are still developing will be frozen. 

At the recommendation of my RE, we are doing a frozen embryo transfer (FET) in a few months. This allows my body to recover from everything I've pumped in to it over the past few weeks. I will take a month off from everything then start with injections up until the day of transfer. 

Two things to remember:

1) We don't have 8 frozen babies. 

2) I won't be pregnant for the next few months so don't ask if IVF worked and no judging if you see me with a glass of wine in any upcoming pictures. 

I will keep the blog updated tomorrow when we hear back from the clinic to see how many of the 8 are still growing! 

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Embryo Update

Embryo Update

Vivian In Vitro: Days 6-12

Vivian In Vitro: Days 6-12