Fernwehin' So Hard (Revisiting Italy | Florence)

Fernwehin' So Hard (Revisiting Italy | Florence)

I just checked my countdown app to see how many days left until we jet back to Italy...C'MON NOVEMBER! Since our trip is still several weeks away I find myself re-watching countless episodes of Rick Steves' Europe episodes on Hulu and freshening up my Italian on Duolingo to help pass the time. Side note: if you want to learn a second (or third) language you must check out Duolingo.  Aside from those two actions I have also caught myself perusing pictures from our Italian honeymoon last year---which I previously promised to post. It's now or never. Also, if you missed out on the post about what exactly fernwehin' is click here. 

Now I'm Going Take Over Your Computer with Pictures

I packed the night before (duh) and refused to consider "carry on only". I stubbornly checked in my luggage which was a huge mistake but I'll get to that later. Here is a heap of outfit options that when looking back, I can say I wore every single piece I put in my luggage.

We flew out of Baton Rouge which was great to not have to drive to New Orleans which we usually do. Our last meal during a layover in Atlanta. We've since had other trips with an ATL layover and go straight back to Nathan's for delicious corndogs. I also know exactly how to find American Cookie Co.

I don't remember much about the flight from ATL to Paris because I was sleep deprived yet stayed awake the entire time despite efforts of putting myself in to an Ambien induced coma. I know I didn't stand up and walk around as everyone suggested and paid for that greatly the first few days of our trip.

I remember arriving to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris and thinking it was the weirdest place on the planet. I had to pee, wanted to smoke a cigarette and struggled to figure out how to flush le toilette all while running to our connecting flight. 

The last leg of our travel was from Paris to Florence, Italy. To sum up the experience I'll show you a journal entry from the night we arrived, after taking ambien. #ihavesleepproblemsokay

Yes, I am a terrible speller. Yes, my handwriting looks atrocious (I normally have very good penmanship). Yes, I compared Florence Italy to Reno, Nevada. 

We arrived to our hotel early in the morning (like 8am or so) and it was by far the most amazing hotel I've ever stayed in. We were on our honeymoon so we had already decided to be ballers. We stayed at the Brunelleschi Hotel and highly recommend it if you ever go to Florence.  It's also where Professor Robert Langdon stays for all of you Dan Brown fans. 

We spent the days walking the streets of Florence, sightseeing, eating, drinking and avoiding gypsy beggars. All of the things were everywhere. 

My first gelato experience was rather disappointing. We tried this one place three separate times and it never made a fan out of me. 

I finally found the best gelato place in Florence, Italy. I loved it so much I had two cups with four different flavors. Shout out to Caffe della Carrozze! 

Back to non-gelato related experiences. We cruised up and down the Ponte Vecchio. 

We climbed to the top of the Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. This was me on the first few steps. What a dumb-dumb. I realized how out of shape I was about 20 steps after this picture was taken. 

Definitely worth the climb. 

Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore

Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

Inside the Baptistery of San Giovanni

A view of the Duomo from inside the Palazzo Vecchio Museum 

Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens---I couldn't remember the name and have continued to refer to this as the "Bilbo Baggins Gardens". 

This is a MUST TO DO when you are in Florence: Sasso di Dante. We stumbled upon it and it was by far the best cheese we had on the entire trip! 

Sasso di Dante is located right by the Duomo so the view is amazing. 

But the cheese and spritz were oh.my.stars. 

After spending a few days in Florence we took a bus and headed out to our second destination: Siena.

Italy Part 2: Siena/Tuscany coming soon so hang tight. No need to information overload you in one post. 

For those of you that have traveled or have upcoming vacations planned to Italy, any recommendations for our trip in November? Please comment and let me know---this time we are staying a short distance outside of Florence and Milan for the latter part of the trip. Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

Revisiting Italy | Siena

Revisiting Italy | Siena

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