Toxic Free Thursday

Toxic Free Thursday

My recent ambition has been to get rid of as many chemicals and toxins from my house and body as possible. It started two months ago when we switched out several household cleansers for safer, natural ones. Since my husband is a saint and does most of the cleaning (save your eye rolls, I know he is a saint) I figured he would let me know if the alternative products weren't quiet working as well. 

SURPRISE! Not only were the safer products more effective but I became motivated to clean more because they SMELLED SO GOOD. Yes, I smelled the bathroom mirrors after I cleaned. Since then, we've also transitioned to safer shampoos/conditioners, laundry detergents, face wash, makeup, etc. Not only are these products safer, they are a fraction of the cost that we normally spend on Tide, Dial and Colgate and delivered right to our door. I am beyond amazed at the benefits. See paragraph below for more details.

{Back story: I am a freak of nature when it comes to medical ailments. In my last post I discussed my experience with accidents but I am referring to weird medical stuff that doctors have dismissed for years. Ailments such as 16 years of acne (that five rounds of Accutane didn't even cure and has been the bane of my existence), skin rashes/hives occurring out of the blue, daily headaches/migraines that began on a random Tuesday in the summer of 2013 that occurred at the same time (I swore I had viral meningitis), weight fluctuations despite diet and exercise, PCOS, sleep issues, anovulation, ovarian cysts, kidney stones, etc.}

Despite an assortment of medications over the years to treat side effects, different diets and workout regimens, high end skin care products, I still felt the same on the inside. Sugar free, carb free, weight watchers, R+F, spin class, step class, Ambien, Accutane, Adderall, migraine preventatives...I was so TIRED of treating the symptoms. I wanted to find the root cause. I slowly got off several medications while in the process of transitioning to chemical free products and adding supplements/vitamins (hello omega3's and probiotics----why haven't I heard about you!?!) It's been eight weeks so far and my headaches haven't returned and I sleep like a baby. There are so many more benefits but I will save them for a later post. 

Back to my main point: In 2003, during the height of my sporadic skin hive fiasco, I had allergy testing done and was informed I had food allergies to wheat, cow's milk, goat's milk, soy, corn, eggs and a few different trees. What? So I had weekly allergy injections for a few months and went on with my merry life.  Then I recently came across Wheat Belly written by cardiologist Dr. William Davis. He uses a very scientific approach to two main culprits that immediately resonated with me: wheat and inflammation. I know I have a wheat allergy and PCOS is heavily influenced by inflammation so I dove right in with his theory. 

We started off by making wheat free hamburger soup. My husband and I were both unsure of how it would taste being all healthy and stuff but it was so good! So good that we each ate leftovers for lunch today. 

Not pictured: shredded cheese on top

While the hamburger soup was simmering I made wheat free bread. Yes, you read correctly. I made bread. The recipe calls for a food processor but all we had was a blender so...let's just say it got messy and I highly recommend you use a food processor if you have one.

Bye bread! Have fun in the the oven for 40 minutes!

The smell of homemade bread can't be described. 

The bread tuned out perfectly. Due to being wheat and grain free, you can't expect it to be all fluffy like the usual Bunny Bread but don't let the tiny portion deceive you. This bread is hearty! Only a few bites of one piece had me stuffed! 

Next up on the wheat free journey: sugar free coconut macaroons. Now, I'm used to coconut pies that are dripping with butter. These macaroons were so much better! Super easy to make with only 4 ingredients!

Once I took my first bite I told my husband, "I would easily pay 15 euros for one of these!". Then I proceeded to lay down on my kitchen floor and proclaim that I had seen Heaven. My dogs loved them so much that they jumped on the counter today while we were at work and ate the ENTIRE carton. At least I ate one for breakfast before I left. Dang dogs. I will be making more tonight.

Feel free to let me know if you want the recipes to these three delicious items. Also, I can give you more information on the safe, better for you, natural products we have been using if you are interested! What's the worst that could happen? You go back to using bleach and ammonia products :)

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