Revisiting Italy | Siena

Revisiting Italy | Siena

We left Florence and made our way to Siena via bus. 

It was about a 45 minute bus ride and I'll admit, I teared up once I saw the sight of Tuscany. 

We stayed at Castello delle Quattro Torra located right outside of the city walls. It was somewhat challenging getting from the bus stop to the castle but once we finally found a taxi it was a quick ride. 

The view from the shower. For realz. 

Once we settled in to our room the sweet house mom called a taxi for us so we could go explore Siena before our 7pm dinner.  Here is the Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) and Torre del Mangia (bell tower).

We sat and people watched for an hour or so over cheese and meat plates and a few glasses of wine. #again

Cats were everywhere!

The owners of the castle also own The Farm House which is a restaurant that uses fresh products they make on their land. Nicola, who runs the castle, had his assistant Dom drive us to the Farm House. Riding in the backseat of a 1990, two door, soft top convertable with the dust and wind blowing my hair all over while cruising at 75mph around Tuscany back roads reminded me of my hometown, only without the hills.

More cheese and wine. 

Melt in your mouth pasta. Ryan had a truffle pasta and I had a traditional tomato and pesto pasta. 

We were so full by the time the meat arrived I was not sure if I was going to be able to eat a single piece. Of course we didn't want to be rude and it was insanely delicious so we ate the entire plate.  I can vividly remember the feeling of barely being able to breathe.

We were there for several hours---they don't exaggerate when describing the leisure dining experience in Italy. Dom patiently waited for us and brought us back to the castle. I chased more cats and passed out. 

Breakfast was part of the terrific service. There were a few other couples staying there but we had a dining area all to ourselves. The main thing I remember about this breakfast was the delicious orange juice. Ohmystars. 

After breakfast we toured the grounds taking in the scenery. We only stayed in Siena one night---which was long enough. We were ready to change things up a bit. We got dressed and headed out to catch a train to the sea!

Up next...Cinque Terre!

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