Revisiting Italy | Cinque Terre

Revisiting Italy | Cinque Terre

I'll be completely honest when I say I was not expecting this place to steal my heart. All I wanted was the beach, sunshine and a break from historic churches. #nooffense. Cinque Terre is composed of five villages located in the cliffs of the western coast, the Italian Riviera. No cars are allowed in the villages and the only way between them is by train or along the hiking paths. The villages are so quaint and picturesque. 

We took the train from Siena to La Spezia which required a few changes, totaling a couple of fun-filled hours.

This was the first sight of the sea. I wanted to cannonball right out of the train. 

We stayed in the village of Manarola. SO MANY STEPS. 

La Torretta is highly recommended if you are ever visiting Cinque Terre---which everyone should. 

We freshened up and made our way back down the 500 steps to eat dinner. 

True confession time: Of all the dishes we had, this was the most "touristy". It tasted like a really good Italian restaurant here in Louisiana. Nothing to brag about but tasty nonetheless. I don't know how to accurately describe the difference other than Cinque Terre can be heavy with tourists so it was almost as if they were trying to appeal to us...with butter...and salt.

Village lights.

On our second we headed to another village, Monterosso. This village had the best beach in Cinque Terre and was a short train ride over. Seriously, cats are everywhere in Italy. 

Almost immediately upon exiting the train station in Monterosso we heard the familiar sound of 90's country music blaring at a bar. Colli Di Timone had a great atmosphere (aside from the Auburn football t-shirt hanging up inside---apparently the owner's nephew is an Auburn student) and terrific cocktails. 

We rented beach chairs and lounged for a few hours, enjoying every minute we could on our last day. 

We eventually made our way back to Manarola and after walking all of those stairs to our room I decided I wanted a cannoli. Somehow I managed to whack my knee on the bathroom vanity and thought I had broken my kneecap. Luckily Ryan fetched me dessert. 

The next morning we set out for the train station to make our way to Genoa. It was a light drizzle when we left. 

Once we arrived in Genoa we caught a taxi to the airport. It was STORMING by that point and naturally our flight to Paris was delayed over an hour...which resulted in us missing our connecting flight to Atlanta. 

It's been well over a year since our honeymoon and I still can't talk about Paris and this 28 hour layover without throwing some serious shade at Air France. However, they gifted us with hefty travel vouchers for our pain and suffering i.e.: my multiple airport meltdowns which basically paid for 2 roundtrip continental flights. Hello Chicago 2016! #stillpissedatAirFrance

I really still can't talk about Paris. 

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